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implicit bias training

no space too big,

no group too small.

We all hold bias.




In some way, somehow, everyone has unconscious bias against some group of people, even if our intention is to act in the most equitable and inclusive way.

My approach to bias training is catered towards the group and the experiences of participants that will be engaging in the experience. I use storytelling and interactive theater activities to create a playful atmosphere for the community to engage in difficult conversations and meaningful reflections.

I have created an expansive training for the University of San Francisco that has now been adopted for new student orientation- meaning every student who walks onto the campus will be mandated to complete our training session. I have also cultivated a workshop created to serve adults who work at the institution.

I welcome you to request from me what you need. In the world we are living in, we can no longer take comfort in silence and avoid hard conversations. We must address our own bias in a meaningful way that invites all perspectives and honors the history of race relations in our country.

I am available for one on one consulting, group training, and virtual webinar's to engage your team in this critical conversation.

what do participants have to say?

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Let's make an impact together.

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