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teaching & directing maintain both

learner and teacher

I never wear the title of facilitator, or teacher, without acknowledging my simultaneous identity of being a forever learner. At various points in my life, I have learned the most from my students in the classroom and being in community with peer learners.


As you explore through the examples of my work, you will notice that the approach to teaching centers the experiences of the students themselves; the social and emotional development of my students are at the core of each curriculum design.  Artistic expression through music, creative writing, movement, dance, and theater are powerful catalysts in the construction of educational environments that are enriching and nurturing to our youth and our community learners.


I have engaged in learning environments with students from kindergarten to university, and have found immense pleasure and growth from the exchange of energy in each classroom I touch. I hope what you see in my work inspires you to reach out and join forces and collaborate to impact the way we educate our community members.

YMCA 2019


Students use legos and visual art to guide them through using imaginative, detailed language to express their emotions through poetry.


Miraloma Elementary 2019

With just three weeks, students were able to give suggestions to fuel my playwriting, and perform one short scene for their partnering class.

Capstone Project 2019

"being black in amerikkka"

With this piece, it is my intention to make you uncomfortable for twelve minutes as you contemplate your personal relationship to white supremacy and racism in our nation. Today we live in a country that has intentionally crafted a system devised to maintain a war against the Black body. We hear narratives of this war in hip-hop music, in the Black Lives Matter movement, and in the media; we just have to train our eyes to see it.


This project is a testimony of my lived experiences and research on the injustices within the criminal justice system. With my artistry it is my intention to challenge you to think critically about the correlation between the ameriKKKan legacy of slavery and mass incarceration today. I believe that the dramatization within my script guides the audience through analyzing systemic oppression and challenges us to examine our own implicit bias and beliefs.

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